Evidence-Based Anaesthetic Monitor

Hardware Requirements

  • RS232 output from GE AS5 monitor or AS3

  • RS232 / USB adaptor

  • Invasive arterial pressure monitoring


Connect the PC/Laptop/Tablet’s USB/RS232 port to the GE (Datex Ohmeda) monitor’s single RS232 socket.
Open the EBMi software using the desktop icon, after accepting the disclaimer the opening screen gives you various options but it can run on its default settings. You will need to know which port to use, a choice of available ports will be offered, the correct one can be determined by searching the computer’s control panel or can be discovered by trial and error.
Please note... It is an aid ; the anaesthetist still has the total responsibility for the interpretation of the diagnostic output. Any clinical decision, action, or inaction will totally the responsibility of the user.
The diagnostic information will not start flowing for at least five minutes (unless you skip this) after steady respiratory activity has been established.
When an alert occurs they will be displayed visually with a timestamp and an audible message will be transmitted. This message, which is in plain English, will not be repeated for at least 5 minutes. These alerts can be suppressed completely if required.
At the end of the procedure the alert history and the basic physiological parameters will be stored in a file that can be printed if required. That’s it.

Download Manual